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The Cure Health Kitchen

The Cure makes people's life much tastier and healthier. We helped them to kick-start their business in Covid times and succeed.

Project Description

The Cure Health Kitchen is a vegan fast food restaurant that incorporates healthy food into people's daily life, providing them with tasty, convenient meals that are designed to nourish the body inside-out. The business opened its doors in a very tough time for Bali during the Covid-19 peak in 2021.

Brut joined the project from the very beginning and was inspired by the ideas and principles of the founder. We started with consumer and competitor research and developed the branding and visual identity. Then, we focused on the comprehensive multi-channel marketing of the business and its product in this highly competitive market.

Combining various marketing tools, paying great attention to the Customer Decision Journey and consistently following the communication strategy, we helped the business to reach the planned financial indicators despite the limited budget and an almost empty island.

"We did a start-up in a restaurant business in Bali. Guys from Brut did excellent marketing analysis, proposed great brand strategy, colours, logo, all the designs for our project, they were dealing with all the social media and did a complete support with our project.

Tasha Warlond
+ got their share of the market
+ <1$ cost-per-result from pay-per-click ads
+ Instagram content interaction 150%+ per month
+ organically grown community 
+ said to be one of the most recognizable outdoor ads on the island

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