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Brut is a boutique marketing agency that exists to leave a mark in world history by helping to bring exciting projects to success.

In our work, we combine knowledge and experience with experiments and Aha! moments while enjoying what we do and promoting growth and happiness to all parties.


Being a boutique marketing & creative agency that is obsessed with quality results, we are capable of providing various services from development and design to brand strategy and digital marketing. We decided that we won’t spend our energy on many small projects, but instead focus on creating and implementing complex non-trivial marketing activities for selected companies.

Why "Brut"?

For us, Brut is an abstract meaning that symbolises success, creativity, elegance, power, future. It’s a feeling of confidence, boldness and freedom!

With this feeling, we work with one selected business at a time, helping to grow business results and impress their customers.


Provide an extremely individual approach.
We onboard a maximum of 1 new client partner per month. We are a boutique agency with an idea to completely devote ourselves to the selected customer.

Work with projects you believe in.
And that’s the key for a successful story. We can’t judge other businesses, but we can feel when our principles and vision synergizes. When we trust and believe in each other, some magic will happen.

Do great. Or don't start.
There are projects that don’t meet our current capacity due to their nature, timing or scale. You can expect honest feedback and no bullshit from the start.

Combine experience with experiments.
It's good to know methods that work today, but to be effective tomorrow, we are constantly experimenting, learning and improving.

Promote growth and happiness.
We strive to create the best conditions for the work and personal growth of each Team Member, which we believe will result in their happy life and successful implementation of our projects.

Create the future.
We are open to social responsibility projects and believe that well-formed businesses with a bright mission can unite to influence, encourage and teach, adding a value to people's lives. Let’s talk about this.

Cooperation Models

We work not only for fees.


Especially right now, we understand there should be more flexible and long-term partnership-oriented models. Businesses have to support each other now, so we all can benefit in the future.

Currently, we have launched a campaign “Together Forward” - we are open to work on a barter-base model for selected businesses in Bali. We don’t get paid in money, but in the exchange for our work, businesses provide us with either products or services that they offer. This can be room nights in hotels or a supply of dry sparkling wine.


We are ready to work on community projects for free and invest in their advertising expenses. We think that with our ability and expertise we have the power to improve the future of someone. Contact us to discuss any social responsibility project that you might be planning or running.


We are open to discuss joining promising businesses and helping them sparkle on a partnership-base model. Drop us a line If you are kick-starting or restarting your business and think that you will benefit partnering with result-generating marketing & branding experts.

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