boutique marketing agency

We help companies with promising ideas to build successful businesses, providing them with comprehensive marketing activities that bring sparkling results.



Your new business.

We start from the very beginning of your enterprise story helping you to define your specific customer personas and the right product for them, by creating and implementing your brand and marketing strategies. So that your business will confidently enter the market, perform meaningful activities, capture people’s minds & hearts, and, ultimately, sparkle.

It’s a medium to long term planned partnership for selected businesses.

Your special campaign.

If you are an already established business and currently planning to launch a new product, enter a new market or deliver a new message, we will run a Kick-start campaign that will bring results in a short period of time.

We will create a personalised campaign using the most effective channels, targeting, timing and budget.

Here are two clear examples for the same client - Liga.Tennis Center & Academy - to show the difference clearly.
Business Kick-Start

We helped to launch a new world-class tennis paradise providing them with complex marketing that helped them reach 100% occupancy in less than a year.

Campaign Kick-Start

During the peak of uncertain times due to the Coronavirus crisis in spring 2020, when most of the businesses were suffering, we ran a bold kick-start online marketing campaign with a maverick, yet honest statement that it’s safe to play tennis now.

Your existing business.

For those who understand that their business is moving in the wrong direction.

We will analyse your brand and possibly update it, create a new marketing strategy, elaborate personalised software, improve your website and other integral brand and business aspects so that your business will eventually succeed.

Whatever it takes.

If you are lost or in doubt, if you need help transitioning your business to the digital era and/or post-crisis era, when you need assistance that supports your business growth or if you are simply looking for a fresh and expert point of view on your big questions or goal.

We are here to provide you with a professional opinion and help to create an action plan that works.

Being the frontrunners of the new marketing era

Instead of creating just another product or launching just another marketing campaign, we rather aim to change the relationship you have with your customers over the life-long journey they have with your brand, improving their lives significantly, and in turn, making this world a better place.

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